Bless This Mess Organizing Premium Services


BTMO provides a one-on-one, hands-on organizing program to meet all of your organizing needs. We begin with a complimentary consultation of key areas in your home or garage. Our expertise, coupled with your personalized goals, will form the blueprint for organizing your space(s).

Once your home and / or garage are organized, you will benefit from:

Knowing what you have and being able to locate what you want, when you want itstreamlined daily / weekly / monthly activities including laundry, cooking, bill payment, tracking schedules, etc.

  • receiving guests without the anxiety of frantically cleaning up and hiding the clutter just before a visit
  • enjoying your family relationships with less stress and more time
  • maintaining easy-to-manage personalized organizational systems
  • peace, a jingle in your pocket, a little cash in your wallet, time for your priorities and a home environment that reflects the life you desire


At Bless This Mess Organizing we know you are busy, so let us handle all the shopping necessary for your home organizing project. With 20 years of shopping experience for our clients’ organizational needs, we know where to find the best quality items at the best prices to save you money and stay within your budget.


Moving can be chaotic! Let the CHAOS COORDINATOR bless your move!

  • Proper purging, packing and labeling allows for fewer packing supplies and fewer hours of mover manpower.
  • Coordination with movers ensures boxes are expediently loaded and dispersed.
  • Our Gratitude Bag provides for a comfortable transition from the old to the new.
  • Assistance with organized unpacking quickly calms the chaos, bringing peace and order to your new home.


What is homework? It’s not what you think!

BTMO has learned over the past two decades that when our clients are personally involved in the organizational process, they take ownership in the transformation and gain the knowledge and tools to maintain their personalized organizational systems.

Because of this truth, we encourage you to grow in your organizational confidence by giving you homework to complete between our sessions. One of the many benefits of homework is that it will save you a significant amount of money and encourage you to add your own unique contributions to your project(s).

We realize that not all clients have the time nor the energy to take on homework in between work sessions. This is never a requirement; homework is only a suggestion, and there is never any judgment should a client choose not to participate.



Reset services are offered to established clients who find themselves in need of weekly, biweekly or monthly assistance with reordering their home. Reset is defined as a time for a quick return of all out-of-place things to their rightful and designated place in the home. The client is fully aware of where all of these things belong but has found his or herself short on time and needs a non-judgmentalhelping hand to get their space back in order.

This service can be utilized on a scheduled or as needed but is only offered to previously established clients.




Practical home decorating services are also available to established clients. These services typically are offered at the end of a completed organizational project. Often times while organizing a room, items of decor are uncovered and the client would like to use them. DaLona has quite the eye for “practical decorating”, using the client’s own decor items and helping to identify what might be added to bring the client’s vision of the space to completion.


  • Our tried and true Desk Top Paper Management & Deep Storage Filing Systems.
  • Our simple Mail & Bill Management System.
  • Our Daily Bread Program for meal planning / grocery & other household necessities procurement / food management.

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