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Bless This Mess Organizing (BTMO) is here to help you declutter and organize your home with long-lasting and easily-maintainable solutions, creating feelings of well-being and peace in your home.

Discover how our organizing expert and founder, DaLona Kiewel, can help your home look and feel its best.

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Do you experience your home as chaotic and stressful?

Are there rooms in your home that you dread entering?

Can’t figure out where to start to make sense of it all?


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blessed that
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Enjoy the Benefits of an Organized Home

When your home is organized you can expect to:

Improve Focus

Daily life is full of distractions and many people struggle with focusing on one task at a time. DaLona has personal experience with the very real struggles that come along with ADHD, but teaches clients how living in a home designed around fundamental organizing principles and personalized organizational systems minimizes distractions and sharpens focus.

Reduce Stress

Stress creeps into every area of our lives – and all too often through our very own possessions. Eliminating physical clutter brings significant stress relief. When our environment is organized, we feel peace and serenity which goes a long way to eliminate unnecessary anxiety. This keeps our material possessions in their proper perspective.

Enjoy What You Have

Too much stuff weighs you down physically, mentally and even emotionally. As you let go of the excess, the unwanted and the unnecessary, you will experience feelings of freedom and hopefulness as you begin to see the transition from chaos to order! You’ll discover that the items you’ve chosen to keep are of great value to you and a source of joy and comfort!

Save Money

Living amongst the clutter, you may have an idea of what you own, but you can’t find it! So you buy it again! That’s anxiety causing! However, when you get organized, so often we find items that can be returned or sold for cash! DaLona, the self-proclaimed Queen of Returns, has helped clients reclaim $1000s in cash back over the years! Additionally, you’ll streamline your home, reduce overspending and start saving money!

Improve Physical Health

Wherever there is clutter and and over-abundance of stuff, it’s very common to become a nesting ground for dust and other particles that are very unfriendly to your respiratory system. BTMO brings your home into a less clutter, organized environment and collaborates with trusted and highly recommended maid services who bring ongoing freshness and sanitation to your home.

Get More Sleep

When you’ve eliminated the environment that has been heightening your stress and anxiety, it’s much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep because you’re no longer surrounded by the “boogey man” in the form of the stuff that owns you! So cheers to more restful nights and energized days!!

Get and Stay Fit

BTMO works one-on-one with their clients. Oftentimes, purging the old and organizing the worthy-to-be-kept can be a high energy project. (Note: don’t let that dissuade you! DaLona has a LOT of energy!) If you have a large project and are physically able to work side-by-side, perhaps you’ll drop a few pounds, build some muscle and shrink a size or two! (Next Note: BTMO is an even less judgmental zone than the purple and gold gym, and in every way imaginable!! If you’re uninterested or unable, no worries!!)

Enjoy the Beauty

Let Bless This Mess Organizing create an comfortable, purposefully curated home that reflects the personality of you and your family. By using the items that are special to you, those that you enjoy having around, DaLona has a knack for guiding you into making your space your own. This allows you to have, display and enjoy what you love and live the life you’ve always wanted.


Why You Should Choose BTMO

When you choose BTMO you will enjoy:

Stellar Reputation

BTMO has a strong and growing reputation. We invite you to discover the professional ease and dedicated care that we offer in every organizing project.

Years of Expertise

BTMO boasts 20+ years of professional organizing experience, which is one of many reasons for our high-quality services. You can have complete confidence in our process as we apply our problem-solving skills and experience to projects of all sizes to solve your organizational needs.

Personalized Customer Service

BTMO’s organization services are tailor-made for your needs. We consult with you from our first contact forward to determine your goals, personal thought process and habits in order to create a personally designed, easily maintained organizational system that works for YOU. We seek your feedback throughout the project to ensure we exceed your expectations.

High-Quality Services

We believe that every client’s project is of utmost importance, and we deliver stellar outcomes every time. Once you choose BTMO, you can relax and expect your project will be completed with exceptional care, on budget and on time.

What Our Clients Say

Chris Porter

My mess was truly blessed! My closet and children’s room were getting out of control and had no time to organize it so It kept piling up! That’s when I called DaLona. She came the next day and made order out of chaos. She helped me organized and de-clutter. She even bought containers for the project on her own time! The service was great and prices affordable. Thank you DaLona!

Karisa Elder

I represent a nonprofit organization. This young lady helped me organize my entire office. She has developed a new system that works. I can work more effectively ever since her services. I would recommend to anyone!

David S.

The prospect of unpacking and storing things away neatly was just overwhelming. This was a move from a larger house to a smaller house.

DaLona has the gift of organization. She unpacked and organized the entire house including the kitchen and pantry. It was so worth it . Everything looks great. I recommend her, and would not hesitate to use her again.

Curtis Potter

Graceland Wheels Moving and Transportation is proud to partner with Bless This Mess. They provide a great service, ideal for pre-post move organization. DaLona is highly experienced and detail oriented. Bless This Mess is a great service. We highly recommend!

Mary Jane Sweet

I found this service on the Nextdoor App and am very pleased with the service provided by DaLona. She has helped me get my things in order. Many of these items are now in the hands of the Goodwill store. So far two full car loads!! With another ready to go. Yes I could have had a yard sale or sold them on some platform like ebay, etc. But that takes time and keeps all that stuff here.

I am amazed at how quickly my mess is being handled. Thank you DaLona for helping me. I plan to have her back again to continue our good work

Jan J.

After relocating from out of state during the pandemic, I was overwhelmed with getting unpacked and set up in the new place. I found Bless This Mess online and I am so glad I did! DeLona came over and within a few days I was unpacked, organized better than ever, and set up She offers professional and personalized service to meet your needs and makes it a fun experience! I will call her for any and all future needs.

Ralph A., San Antonio

DaLona has a well thought out system that really helped me organize my resources so I could keep the important tasks moving forward.

Jeff M.

DaLona was very helpful and creative. Her system allows me to be more productive and has reduced all the unnecessary clutter. She was able to quickly assess my needs and tailor a plan of action to meet (and exceed) them. Her energy level and motivation make her a pleasure to work with.

Shawn Mollica

DaLona is a very energetic person, with lots of great ideas. She created a scrapbook room for me from scratch when we moved to a new home and helped me get caught up on my own scrapbooks when I got behind. She’s a fantastic scrapbooker! I highly recommend her services.

Leah Garner, San Antonio

Dear DaLona, I am so happy with the job you did with my garage. It looks so organized and has such clean lines now!!! Before It was shove whatever, wherever– but since you came and blessed my garage, everything has a place… Thank you !! I am very happy I met you!!Leslie Sawaya, San Antonio (Summer 2006)

“To Get Organized changed my life! Not only is my house organized and staying that way, but it changed the way I think about organization…Thank you, DaLona!!!”

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