Messes Blessed


You’ve no doubt heard it said, “You are what you eat,” but have you heard it said, “Your physical environment reflects and affects your inner self?” Both sayings are true! When our physical surroundings are chaotic, our minds cannot settle, they cannot become organized and move and live and work in an efficient and steady and steadfast way. However, when we intentionally move from chaos to an aesthetically pleasing and organized space, an unmistakable peace and the desire to dwell in the peace of that space arises. Our mindset changes. We naturally make concerted efforts to maintain what we’ve invested our time and effort to create. It’s nothing short of a miraculous transformation in our space, but more importantly in our own minds!

From a closet to a single room or even an entire home, when a transformation occurs, it can be life-changing. Rooms that were once useless are decluttered, purged of the unnecessary, organized and made available for their new purpose. Smart storage solutions for everything as well as organizational systems and methods are in place making the space functional and easily maintained.

The key to these transformations is attention to detail, personalization and strategic planning. We put match thought and experience into clever storage solutions, labeling systems and every other aspect that reflects our experience and the brilliance of getting organized.

These inspiring images invite us to consider the potential within our own cluttered spaces.

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